2600 Solutions is committed to providing the most convenient and economic computer repair, networking and security services catered to our client’s unique situation; operating either on site, at the clients home, or remotely. We specialize in helping businesses and individuals starting at home in the islands to Hawaii to our friends internationally.

About 2600 Solutions



Servicing Honolulu’s PC Repair, Web Design & Hosting, and IT Solutions

Having a physical presence in Hawaii Kai (East Honolulu) 2600 Solutions is committed to servicing the community with fast and reliable service.



We Design and Host Your Website

2600 Solutions brings years of prior web experience to assist it’s clients with designing a modern and responsive website that suits all of the clients needs.  We will even host your website and guarantee 99.99% up time.

PC Repairs, Web Design, Web and E-mail Hosting, and More!

Secure and Fast Websites

Fast Bandwidth that is not throttled or limited.

Responsive and Modern Designs

Build Responsive Websites so clients have a seamless experiences across multiple devices.

Search Engine Optimized

Get the most out of your online properties by having your site properly indexed by search engines.

On Site & At Home & Remote Repair

Fast and Reliable PC Repairs can be done by a Certified Professional Tech

Easy PC Support and Training

Monday - Friday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm (Hawaii Standard Time); Saturday - Sunday: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Hawaii Standard Time) *Emergency Calls Available*

Quality Support and Extended Maintenance

Extended Maintenance Options Available to keep your websites and peripherals up to date and secure.