Terms & Conditions

2600 Solutions is dedicated to our customers and their online privacy.  In order to demonstrate this, we present out Terms & Conditions as set forth:  The following discloses the information gathered and disseminated throughout 2600 Solutions is strictly to collect enough information to successfully submit and receive a request by client.  This information may include your name, e-mail, address, phone number.  The client’s personal information is used solely by 2600 Solutions to fulfill request and shall never sell, trade, or transfer your information to a 3rd Party.


Your personal data is safe. Any and all information gathered or that 2600 Solutions comes in contact with is considered and treated as confidential information. This information is never released to anyone other than yourself or those you specify as having need of it. Moreover, we are committed not to store, access or interact in any way with any personal or business data (information), unless otherwise requested and authorized by the client.

2600 Solutions will not install any type of illegal software. We require valid Software Keys provided by the software manufacture from our clients, before installing or reinstalling any software applications (i.e. Windows OS, MS Office, etc.).

2600 Solutions cannot offer warranty on any malware and virus removal jobs. Once infections have been removed and the computer has been cleaned, only the user have control over the websites visited and applications installed, which could potentially lead to a reinfection of the computer’s operating system.


  1. Computer case might need to be opened for diagnosis in case of hardware issues.
  2. An adult over the age of 18 must be present while technician is on-site.
  3. Computer must be easily accessible at time of scheduled appointment.
  4. Changes in appointments should be made at least 4 hours in advance by calling 2600 Solutions.
  5. 2600 Solutions reserves the right to rearrange or cancel appointments but will make every effort to accommodate customer’s first choice of date and time.
  6. Microsoft Windows® XP and older operating systems may require additional configuration charges.
  7. Additional charges apply for required (or optional) parts and/or hardware and software upgrades needed to complete the requested service.
  8. Parts and software purchased for repair are subject to their individual warranty as applied by the manufacturer.
  9. 2600 Solutions guarantees the workmanship of the requested service for seven (7) days following the date the service was performed. Subsequent reconfiguration or changes and modifications to the computers or products serviced void the labor warranty.
  10. Labor offers must be prepaid on pick-up and delivery based services.
  11. Once diagnostic has been issued, the computer will be serviced. Computer will be delivered in condition stated on diagnostics sheet. 2600 Solutions will not be held responsible for problems of any kind, hardware or software, after delivery. Applies to home-office and pick-up-delivery based services.
  12. 2600 Solutions will not be held responsible for any warranty issues after computer case has been opened.

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